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About Us

In the summer of 2020 Merlin was looking for a cleaner that he could wash his vehicles with and be proud of the end result. He found the T&T product was impressed by the fact it did not leave a 'Film' behind! Merlin and his Son Tristan signed up as a dealer and have been serving the Southern Ontario Area ever since. They sell all Schippers Canada Products which cater to the Ag, Industrial, residential and Detailing Industry.

Shop on Our website Store and choose the product that is right for you. We have multiple locations set up for you to pick up your products.

The Martins firmly believe in service which is very important to any industry. They will always serve you with a smile which in turn when you see the end result will also result in a smile! 

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What customers are Saying


I highly recommend trying out the Top Foam Products  and Dry Care Products for your Hog, Dairy, And Poultry  needs. Rooms will brighten significantly when the brilliant whiteness of the plastic is restored.

Ryan Martin -RFW Farms Ltd.

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Used the T&T Cleaner and very impressed with the results. Bought the Ceramic Paint Coating and it helps with cleaning the truck now! 

Aaron-A A Cuts LTD.
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